Qn : How can I make a purchase on ?

You need to sign up an account with us in order to make a purchase, this will take just 2 minutes of your time, simply click on "Create An Account" at the top of this page. There are no charges for opening an account, just basic particulars and email needed. You will receive an email once you have opened an account with us.


Qn : Do EarringsNation deliver to overseas destination ?

EarringsNation is located in Singapore, but we deliver worldwide. Some of the many overseas countries we have shipped to include the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Italy, New Zealand, Poland, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Netherlands, Ireland, Turkey, Japan, ....etc.


Qn : How long does it take to ship to overseas destination?

It usually takes 14 to 20 working days, excluding Sat/Sun and public holidays, to reach overseas destination from the date shipped, and excluding production time. The date is preferably more than a month away for normal situation.

Especially currently to US with locations affected by the winter storm, it takes about 1 month and up to 1 and a half month if there is a delay. Your location might not be affected, but the route in-transit to your location might be affected.

Any date less than 3 weeks away is out, unless you opt for faster shipping option through FedEx shipping upgrade here:-


Qn : How to upgrade my shipping to FedEx Express?

Here is the link to FedEx shipping upgrade and no matter how many items you purchased, you only need to purchase the FedEx Upgrade Quantity = 1 together with your items.

Please provide your phone number as FedEx need it. Without it, we can't proceed to ship. 


Leather Monogramming Items

Qn : What is the shipping mode for Leather Monogramming items?

All Leather Monogramming items will be shipped with Registered Mail from Singapore Post to Worldwide. 

Note: Registered Mail from Singapore post can only be tracked up to the point of the mail leaving Singapore.

For Registered Mail, someone have to be home to sign for the item. If you do not receive within 3 weeks from our shipment date, most probably it will be at your local post office waiting for you to pick up.

If you want to opt for Normal mail (mail will directly go to your mailbox without tracking number), please drop a note at checkout. For Normal mail items, we are not liable for lost mail as there is no way for us to know the status of the mail.

If you need secure (tracking from starting to end point) with faster (within 1 week from date of shipment) shipping, you can upgrade to FedEx express shipping at following link:-


Refunds and Returns

Qn : Do you accept returns?

We do not accept returns for the following items:-

- All earrings (due to hygiene reason)

- All Monogram leather products

- All Personalized items

- Same item purchase in multiple quantities


For Brides

Qn : Do I need to key in my actual wedding date?

The wedding date can be your actual wedding date or the date that you need to have the item delivered, whichever is earlier, preferably more than a month away.


Qn: How long before my wedding date or required date do I need to confirm an order?

As the item is shipped from Singapore, it will take approxiamtely 18 to 25 working days (excluding Sat/Sun/Public holidays), effectively about a month from date shipped, excluding production time. It is still advisable to purchase with more than enough time, to avoid anxiety later.


Qn : Why do I need to key in my wedding date/date and how long does it take to ship?  

EarringsNation is located in Singapore. As the items will be shipped from Singapore, mail will usually take about 18 to 25 working business days (excluding Saturdays/Sundays/Public holidays) to reach Overseas destination. 

As this is your big day/date required, we want to make sure your purchase can reach you on time. If we feel that your purchase cannot reach you in time, we will send you a message via email pending your further reply through the message, instead of going ahead to ship the item out. We will wait for your reply and get the approval before shipping out the item. Do reply us soonest possible to avoid further delay, as we strictly do not ship without further confirmation from you.


Qn : If my wedding date is 6 months away, will my order be delivered in 6 months' time?

We will process your order according to our production pipeline, (for 1 item - 1 to 6 working days and for multiple items - 3 to 10 working days), we deliver soonest possible, your order will not be delayed. 


Qn : If I need the item urgently within 3 weeks (including production time and shipping), is there a faster shipping option?

You may contact us through the contact form. If you are located in United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, we can send by FEDEX Express, which we will send you an Invoice for the upgrading of the shipping charges, which is topping up USD24.00 for the countries mentioned herein. For other countries not mentioned, we will convo you the rates.